UPDATE: Antrim County New Evidence

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Matt DePerno revealed the next step of their legal strategy in Antrim County, Michigan. YouTube removed the video, but it is inked here https://rumble.com/vgi031-antrim-county-plaintiffs-to-introduce-new-evidence-on-voting-systems.html . A few weeks ago, Mississippi Reported during a Sounder Live about the the yeoman’s work being done in Michigan by attorney Matt DePerrno. His court efforts remain in tact although slower than preferred. Last week, DePerrno said he has additional proof of votes being flipped in Antrim County. Because of the mounting evidence of alleged election fraud, DePerno submitted an Amended Complaint to the court.

There is a possibility the complaint could serve as a basis to call for an independent forensic audit like the one currently being performed in Maricopa Count. The Defendants in the case are as follows: Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson; Jonathan Brater, Director of Elections; Antrim County Clerk, Sheryl Guy; and Miller Consultations and Elections, Inc. (filed under a registered fictitious name as ElectionSource).

In what DePerno coins “The Antrim Shuffle,” he states votes were changed from Trump to Biden to help Biden win. In fact, Trump actually won. No one would have known except that citizens contacted the County Clerk, and William Bailey filed a lawsuit in November with his lawyer Matt DePerno because of the discrepancies found once the election was investigated.

All previous allegations are brought forward in the amended complaint—13 counts:

  • Constitutional Right to the Accuracy and Integrity of Elections —In-person ballots
  • Constitutional Right to the Accuracy and Integrity of elections— Absentee and Mail-in ballots
  • Violation of “Purity of Elections” Clause (legislature enacts the laws to regulate elections)
  • Violations of guidance on ballot signatures
  • Violation of the Administrative Procedures Act
  • Violations of funding of elections, Zuckerberg interference, Center for Tech and Civic Life, millions in cash to primarily Democrat precincts, funding of Ballot Dropboxes
  • Election Fraud
  • Common-Law Election Fraud
  • Equal Protection Violations
  • Statutory Election Law Violations
  • Abuse of Process
  • 2018 Public Act 123 Unconstitutional (a legislative overhaul that required the use of electronic voting machines which are vulnerable to attack and/or abuse
  • Conspiracy and/or Concert of Actions (the defendants acted in concert to defraud voters, manipulate the election, dilute the vote, etc

DePerno’s requested relief from the court on a list of things, some highlighted below:

  • Continued collection of images from “the 17 precinct tabulators,” thumb drives, and related software
  • A request for an independent, non-partisan forensic audit of the election
  • Allow immediate access to paper ballots
  • Request to examine Dominion machines for images and reports from Nov. 3 for technical inspection and validation

Mississippi Sounder is following today’s court hearing. Will the judge expand the investigations or shut the case down as the Democrats want? For the sake of freedom, the judge must allow the process to continue.

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