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Who is Sonya Bridges?  

Dr. Sonya Bridges has 17 years of teaching experience spanning across elementary, junior high, high school, and higher education levels. She has extensive experience in developing curriculum and education programs and in school administration. Dr. Bridges’ philosophy of education prescribes to the notion of education preparing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be full participants of society and make educated decisions as voters. However, parents have a job to do in ensuring productive citizens with or without traditional pedagogy. Education should NOT be left only to educational institutions. 

Parents MUST ensure that their children receive education NOT indoctrination. Sending children to a private school DOES NOT necessarily mean indoctrination will not occur. For that reason, Dr. Bridges offers select lesson plans, available in the store, to use as tools that ensure students understand the dangers of socialism. These lessons are essential but often NOT taught in schools or misconstrued when taught.    

Dr. Bridges is increasingly alarmed that future teachers often leave high school and then universities hating the United States and believing that white skin equates to racism because of the growing prevalence of left-wing driven ideologies such as the critical race theory. Such perversion of truth and history prompted the formation of The Mississippi Sounder. As such, The Mississippi Sounder’s goal is to serve as a resource for honest and accurate news but also serve as a refuge for factual history in danger of cancelation.  

Aside from the field of education, Dr. Bridges has been politically active for many years and has a 90% track record for backing winning candidates, two of which she served as campaign political director. She is a Trump originalist and worked for the Mississippi For Donald Trump campaign in 2016 and 2020. Dr. Bridges firmly believes there is no greater cause to devote her time, experience, and talents than to preserving true and accurate history, reporting accurate news, and helping elect real Republicans currently known as Trump Republicans.  

An extended purpose of The Mississippi Sounder is to educate individuals unfamiliar with Trumpism and what it means to be a Trump Republican. A brief overview of the meaning of Trumpism and what it means to be a Trump Republican is given here. The Mississippi Sounder is a mechanism that provides Trumpism the necessary codification and development through action as defined by former Speaker Newt Gingrich.       

Sonya Bridges (Mississippi Sounder) Education Background
BS in Social Science with a minor in English
M.Ed with a concentration in English and Communication
ED.S Education Leadership
ED.D Education Leadership