August 2nd-7th, 2021

August 2nd-7th

Medicaid Audit

Shad White is at it again making state government work for the people of Mississippi.  His latest target to hold accountable is Mississippi Division of Medicaid. The audit sampled 180 Medicaid beneficiaries and found that potentially 5% were ineligible due to their high income reported on their tax return. Medicaid represents 49% of the federal funds spent by the state of Mississippi. Shad White hopes the legislate will pass laws that allow the Division of Medicaid to perform similar audits to prevent fraud. The full audit report can be found online at the Auditor’s website.

Covid-19 Restrictions Return to Courts

The Mississippi Supreme Court issued the following statement. 

Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike Randolph issued an emergency order on Thursday, Aug. 5, implementing COVID-19 safeguards in all courts in the state.

The emergency order gives individual judge’s discretion to adopt safety measures. Judges have discretion to postpone jury trials scheduled through Sept. 10. The order calls for use of teleconferencing, videoconferencing and electronic filing to limit in-person contact in courts. The order allows felony plea hearings, felony sentencing hearings and probation violation hearings to be conducted remotely by way of interactive audiovisual equipment.

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