Charity Begins at Home Not D.C.

AOC the socialist with a bad case of TDS

Education stands as one of The Mississippi Sounder main purposes. That encompasses being a hub where historical events are discussed and housed for later purposes such as using them for educational tools. The Mississippi Sounder looks for opportunities to teach others about the success of Trumpism. Recently, Matt Walsh gave a perfect example for Republicans, especially Trump Republicans, to use as a teaching tool for years to come when he set a Go Fund Me page for AOC’s grandmother.

Proud socialist and loudmouth AOC recently visited her grandmother, or Abuela, who lives in Puerto Rico. Since she has one of the worse cases of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) ever to be diagnosed, AOC took an opportunity to blame President Trump for her grandmothers living conditions. She posted the following pictures of her Abuela’s home and then placed blame on President Trump. See here   http://<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en”

Before moving on to how Matt Walsh owned AOC, it is necessary to set the record straight regarding AOC’s claim that Trump blocked hurricane Maria aid. President Trump ensured Puerto Rico received aid immediately after hurricane Maria hit in 2017, but the hurricane victims were robbed of the supplies meant for them. See here and here to explain how the aid never made it to the people, and note how it had nothing to do with President Trump but everything to do with Puerto Rico being run by Democrats. AOC fails to mention that million upon millions of dollars of supplies never reached Puerto Rico because Democrat officials failed to distribute them for obvious reasons.

Now to address AOC’s lie about President Trump holding aid that he advocated to send in 2020. President Trump announced September 18,2020 that he would send 13 billion additional aid to Puerto Rico. See here (Also, note how President Trump wanted to bring back pharmaceutical manufacturing to the USA because China produces 80% of Americans essential medicines.) After the Trump administration worked with Congress to pass historical aid relief as referenced by President Trump in the previous video, the administration then worked to ensure that the money would not be squandered and stolen as the supplies were in 2017. The administration withheld the money for oversight concerns. See the following exert from Congress had approved a total of $20 billion in HUD funds for Puerto Rico’s post-hurricane reconstruction, a historic amount. But the agency stalled the release of the aid in 2019 and imposed additional restrictions and requirements last year on how Puerto Rico could gain access to the funds, citing corruption and financial mismanagement concerns.”

AOC only tells half the truth on a good day. In all fairness, to her waisting taxpayer money is not, and never will be, a concern of hers, so President Trump’s oversight seems evil to the proud and loud socialist. However, Matt Walsh took her to task after she used her grandmothers living conditions as a means to vilify President Trump. Matt established a Go Fund Me page for AOC’s grandmother that raised over $100,000 within hours. His actions exposed AOC as the hypocrite she is, exposed the thought process of Democrats/Socialist, and taught Republicans that all too often fall victim to Democrat talking points a lesson as well.

First, what lesson did Matt Walsh teach Republicans? After Matt started the Go Fund Me fund, social media filled with perplexed Republicans failing to understand his reasoning and outcome. All too often Republicans bend when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars in the name of caring for the needy. Matt Walsh showed the world how helping people does not require government intervention. The Bible commands Christians to care for the widows, the sick, and the needy. Trump Republicans understand that with less taxes individuals have more money to care for the needy directly without government waste. Matt’s fundraiser showed what people can and will do if a need arises without the government forcing them into action.

Secondly, Matt exposed AOC and the Democrats as being selfish, ungrateful, and miserable human beings. Note the following from Matt.

AOC tweeted the following after receiving backlash for not helping her grandmother clarifying that her grandmother was okay and had a place to go http://<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”>. In other words, AOC did what Democrats do best, stir up trouble by playing on people who think with emotions instead of logic. Her followers and fellow Democrats showed their ignorance, naïvety, and love of government in response to Matt. Here are some examples of their thought process (or lack there of) http://<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en”. and http://<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”>.

These responses fail to recognize that Matt and other taxpayers have already given to the government and to the people of Puerto Rico via the government. The government officials either stole the supplies or allowed others to do so. However, to a Democrat, none of that matters. Is it the responsibility of American taxpayers to continue to fund corruption? There is never any thought from Democrats, and some Republicans, about the importance of ensuring tax dollars are spent prudently. How much spending is enough? That is a question that no one can ever seem to answer when it comes to Democrat spending ideas.

Although Matt may have used AOC’s Tweet as a tool to expose Democrat hypocrisy, AOC opened the door by using her grandmother to generalize a situation rooted in Democrat cronyism. Matt’s point was to prove government does not solve the problems of people, but people can solve them together without the government. Republicans would do well to take analyze this experiment of sorts and remember to support candidates, like Trump, that believe in sending taxpayer money to help people in need not to Democrat mayors to steal and resale. Perhaps the Puerto Rican voters should think twice before voting for the same corrupt Democrats that stole from them during a crisis. Charity begins at home and comes in various forms besides money.

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