Friends of Mississipi Sounder

“Friends of Mississippi Sounder” is available for those with a particular skill or specialty area interested in passing along information to listeners. Mississippi Sounder believes that America is in the throes of a civil war. Those against the socialist, and in many cases communist, agenda must join forces to survive and beat the enemy. For that reason, Mississippi Sounder will share podcasting with other Trump Republicans willing and interested in hosting a temporary podcast series or joining Mississippi Sounder for a podcast not specifically related to politics. 

Although “Friends of Sounder” podcasts dedicate time to non-political topics, the goal of these episodes will be to provide and promote information that advances a higher quality of life in a country divided amid a civil war. Topics such as education, survival tips, and Biblical prophecy and study are some of the topics encouraged and addressed during these podcasts. Contact for more information. “Friends of Sounder” participants will be limited to those with proven support of the Republican Party, President Trump, and values that align with our sponsors.           

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