Independent Journalism

Global communications firm, Edelman, published data in January 2021 revealing that American trust in the media hit an all-time low with only 18% of Republicans saying they believe journalists after the 2020 election. Moreover, the same study found that 58% believe news organizations are now more interested in pushing ideology instead of facts. Because of the distrust Americans hold for traditional media and readily available technology, independent news sources now provide a fundamental role in maintaining a healthy democratic republic. 

Independent news sources, such as The Mississippi Sounder, gather and disseminate breaking information. The beauty of independent news sources is that they are unfettered by big business, often under the spell of Communist China’s money, that dictate what developments make a headline or not in the mainstream media. Independent news sources rely on those which they serve, the people, for funding and as a result seek to provide truthful reporting. The popularity of content creation continues to grow thereby offering options for the many varied tastes of subscribers. Unlike traditional news outlets, Mississippi Sounder reports the news with the specific purpose of educating others about how a development fits Trumpism or impacts Trumpism. Mississippi Sounder hopes that readers, viewers, and listeners find the content offered here as truthful yet entertaining.

Mississippi Sounder Sources 

Since independent news sources are out of the norm to some and a relatively new concept, the question of validity might arise. There is also the question of validity of content written by an author with such strong beliefs in Trumpism. Truth has little to do with ideology, because real facts lead to truthful reporting regardless of one’s preference. Since Mississippi Sounder has been politically active at the state and federal level for many years, information sometimes comes from relationships built from those experiences. Additionally, Sounder has decades of research experience and also subscribes to a host of media outlets and legislative monitoring websites. Sounder uses state and local media headlines as well as D.C. headlines and other independent media sources located in the D.C. swamp and in Mississippi. 

Mississippi Sounder makes it a policy, and encourages others to follow suit, and question any media report using an unnamed or anonymous source(s). However, there will be times when Sounder may use such terminology to connect off-the-record conversations to a particular development and will do so to protect the source when deemed beneficial and necessary. Readers have assurance that an article without a named source is accurate even if the source’s name is withheld. Mississippi Sounder will never use names without permission and will never use other sources that DO NOT name sources without warning readers.