Mississippi News – July 2021

Illegals dumped in MS.

There is a rumor going around that Phillip Gunn will primary Tate Reeves for governor. Phillip Gunn has not confirmed his plans; however, he has not made a strong denial. Mississippi Sounder can confirm that those closely connected with Jackson politics believe Speaker Gunn plans to primary Governor Reeves. https://l.facebook.com/l.

Although The Mississippi Sounder touches onMississippi news and Mississippi Sounder has preferred candidates and preferred currently elected officials, its primary focus , for now, is ensuring Americans keep the right to vote. to safeguard that most precious right, Mississippi Sounder believes the 2020 election fraud must be uncovered and punished. With that said, Mississippi Sounder supports candidates at the state and local level with policies that closely mirror those of President Trump.

Mississippi’s governor’s race will be predictably divisive. Tate Reeves has had one crises after another to handle, and he has made many people mad. Speaker Gunn nor Delbert Hoseman, who has his own eye on the governors office, helped make his job easier. Instead, they created unnecessary problems in our state when they pushed for changing the flag in the middle of a pandemic. Their actions put Tate Reeves at odds with the people of Mississippi as they remembered his promise to let Mississippi vote on a new flag. However, Mississippi voters should remember that Tate Reeves ignored the yearly calls to force a flag change while he served as Lt. governor and wait for Governor Reeves to further explain why he chose to not fight the legislature on such a controversial topic.


The Natchez Democrat reported July 16, 2021 that 90 (illegal) immigrants arrived by bus, and workers at the bus station called Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten for help. Sheriff Patten said, “I can tell you this is not the norm.” He added that the immigrants were not being held and had not been released from the Core Civic-operated Adams County Correctional facility. ” Patten said. “They (Adams County Correctional Facility) release these guys and give them $300 to get to wherever they are going, whether by bus, cab or plane. And they have to have some kind of relative’s address they are going to. They have a travel plan. That was not the case this week.”

Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson added the Core Civic facility in Adams County also does not release any inmate or detainee without a clear COVID-19 test. When the bus station workers couldn’t handle the situation because of the language barrier, they called for help. Looking on a map and finding the nearest bus station was exactly how the detainees wound up in Natchez. “ICE, working from their main office, ordered the release of these detainees. They simply Googled the nearest bus station and the Natchez Transit System popped up and that is where they sent them,” Gibson said. “I have not been able to get a complete count, but it was something like 90 to 100, and they were planning to send 70 more the next day.”

Sheriff Patten and Sheriff Hedrick assisted in getting in touch with ICE and got their assurance they would not perform such an act again without proper notice and proper organization of everyone involved. Most valued reader, this is why Mississippi Sounder focus on President Trump and 2020. Our county is being destroyed, and it is now impacting our state. As previously stated, Mississippi voters will do well to remember we have much bigger fish to fry than to fight about the governor. We will all have our preference, but we MUST work together to stop the Democrats.

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