Mississippi Sounder

Who is Mississippi Sounder?

Mississippi Sounder is a pseudonym chosen by Sonya Bridges for authorship and to honor the iconic newsboys of the Industrial Revolution. These young boys shouted headlines of unexpected events that happened between morning publications. They helped build the U.S. newspaper industry selling papers on busy city streets, trains, and in any other possible venue. As a comparison, newsboys were early versions of social media, such as Twitter, and digital headlines publications of today. Readers will notice Mississippi Sounder being referenced in the written articles. These references help build a relationship between the celebrated newsboy, Sounder, and the valued reader. 

Under the pseudonym of Mississippi Sounder, Sonya Bridges delivers headlines, articles, and opinions regarding Mississippi news and D.C. news. As an incorporated entity, The Mississippi Sounder seeks to sift through reported propaganda and then provide readers the truth, a concept the mainstream media abandoned decades ago. Any content created by Mississippi Sounder will be factually accurate even if that means a delay in reporting to vet sources. In the event an error is made in reporting, a timely correction will be issued and receive as much attention as the original article.    

Sonya Bridges unapologetically supports President Donald Trump and his America First agenda and believes Mississippi is great because of her past and present. Mississippi Sounder, or Sounder, often opines after the conclusion of an article or headline. These nuggets of wisdom stem from Republican ideas and the truth that our founding fathers wrote the United States Constitution with full knowledge that its survival depended on an educated, Godly people. However, The Mississippi Sounder pledges to hold ALL elected officials and institutions accountable. Although Mississippi Sounder proudly affirms a particular set of ideas, readers, subscribers, and sponsors have assurance that the content created and delivered is accurate and objective. Any sponsor or subscriber in no way endorses the opinion of Sonya Bridges as Mississippi Sounder but supports the efforts of independent journalism. 

Thomas Jefferson famously said, “The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate.” Without an educated electorate, democracy dies, and our republic will surely fall. While The Mississippi Sounder endeavors to provide accurate and updated news, its overall goal is to educate and preserve accurate history. Disillusioned by the continued demonization of patriotism and the distortion of history, Sonya Bridges formed The Mississippi Sounder as a tool to preserve history and report accurate news that interests patriots. Lovers of freedom and haters of socialism must use their talents to fight radicalism from the left, and Sonya Bridges has chosen to use her writing and research skills to play a small part in preserving freedom. What are YOUR talents? How can YOU play a part in fighting the destruction of Democrats?