Trumpism Now and Forever

What is Trumpism? In a speech hosted by The Heritage Foundation in 2016, former Speaker Newt Gingrich defined Trumpism as “a bold and profound different way of thinking that needs codification and development through action.” Speaker Gingrich went on to explain the many positive aspects of Trumpism and its popularity as well as the challenges of Trumpism. The following challenges of Trumpism prompted the development of The Mississippi Sounder.

1. The combination of inertia and relentless hostility of the radical left will forever challenge the success of Trumpism.

2. Millions of Americans will have to work for Trumpism to succeed We have 513,000 elected offices in the United States, and for us to implement the doctrine of Trumpism by winning these offices, it will take an enormous amount of effort from a gigantic movement.   

3. We will have to overcome the backlash of the left, academist, bureaucracy, and the GOP establishment.     

Although President Donald Trump no longer holds office, his proven Trumpism policies, now commonly referred to as America First or MAGA, forever impact the Republican Party’s past, present, and future. The Mississippi Sounder is unlike any news outlet. Content written and created by Mississippi Sounder specifically addresses news connected to the America First Agenda at the state, local, and national level. 

Throughout The Mississippi Sounder webpage, articles, and in Sounder Lives, Mississippi Sounder reiterates the goal of providing information that a typical Trump Republican finds interesting and valuable. The beliefs of Trump Republicans transcend the election theft of 2020 and the glorious time in U.S. history when President Trump held Office. Indeed, Trumpism is more about the message and implementation than the messenger although no one delivered the message so brilliantly than President Donald J. Trump.    

What is a Trump Republican? 

Mississippi Sounder comprised the following key points, although there are many more, that represent promises made and kept by President Donald Trump that won him landslide victories in 2016 and 2020 and define the essence of America First.

1.  Make America Great Again – Although the left seeks to portray the MAGA movement as racist, the idea of America greatness is the promise that all American citizens have certain rights and freedoms to pursue the American dream. The MAGA movement, or Trump Republicans, is unapologetically anti-globalist and believes in putting America first. For that reason, Trump Republicans are disrupters of GOP politicians that willingly send foreign aid to other countries with little or no return.

2.  China is the greatest threat to American freedom and the American economy. 

3.  Legal and merit-based immigration 

4.  Lower taxes stimulate economic growth

5.  Law and order

6.  Trade deals that promote free BUT fair trade and stimulate American job growth 

7.  Deregulation 

8.  Energy independence

9.  Peace through strength with a strong military to prevent wars that never end

10. School choice

11. Healthcare is a privilege but should be affordable for all through free market competition 

12. Rebuilding America’s inner cities with meaningful efforts such as President Trump’s New Deal for Black America

13. Drain the Swamp of corruptness at all levels of government

14. Defend the original Constitution not a living version

15. Teach patriotism and respect for America