Ways To Support

There are numerous ways to support The Mississippi Sounder. Liking and sharing Sounder Lives, liking and sharing content posted on the social media outlets, and simply telling others about the Mississippi Sounder webpage are meaningful ways to support. Purchasing t-shirts or educational material are other ways to support and help grow the message of America First. For the time being, those interested in purchasing items from the store will need to email sbridges@mississippisounder.com. Monetary support may be given via PayPal.

Dear Reader, 

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! I sincerely hope you find the webpage content useful and interesting. After weeks of debating with myself about opening an incomplete webpage to the public or not, I decided to invite the public to my work in progress webpage. The business side of me knows that opening any service endeavor without being 100% ready is a terrible idea. However, the need to provide information regarding the election fraud committed in 2020, the continued censorship by big tech, and the new push to teach Critical Race Theory in schools caused me to realize time is not on our side.     

The Mississippi Sounder provides a place to house vital information that big tech censors. Such information is necessary to combat the Democrat agenda. Since the webpage is ready to provide that service, I decided to introduce the public to www.mississippisounder.com. I have many plans for The Mississippi Sounder, but these plans take time to implement. For that reason, I decided to slow down and acclimate myself to writing quality articles for the webpage and delivering meaningful Sounder Lives while working a full-time job. Once I hit my stride and develop a schedule to meet all my obligations, I plan to slowly implement my plans of add more services. 

Thank you for your support!
Dr. Sonya Bridges
Mississippi Sounder