Yes, Elections Still Matter!

Trump Republicans cannot allow the Democrats to keep them from voting.

The criminal acts witnessed on November 3, 2020 and the weakness of the Republican Party to right those egregious, criminal acts left many Trump Republican voters feeling disenfranchised from future voting and politics in general. Many unsubscribed from anything related to the Republican Party and declared voting as pointless. Furthermore, the loud minority of Never Trumper’s that claim allegiance to the Republican Party yet refuse to admit significant fraud occurred November 3, 2020 increases the frustration level of the 81 percent Republican voters that still support President Trump. Refusing to admit voter fraud occurred does not change the facts. Vacant lot registrations, the overwhelming proof that dead people cast ballots, hundreds of sworn affidavits, and the blatant fact that votes were counted without transparency make it a little too coincidental for a rational individual to not see. A case could easily be made that the shenanigans likely pushed Joe Biden over the top in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia, preventing President Trump from getting the needed 269 electoral votes to win (as Republicans had enough state delegations to break an electoral tie). A case could also be made that enough fraud occurred to flip Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The situation looks bleak; however, Trump Republican’s cannot allow the radical, Marxist Democrats to steal their right to vote by staying home during an election out of a sense of defeat and hopelessness.

Unfortunately, election fraud is nothing new. Curiously, then candidate Trump gave voter fraud statistics in the U.S. before the 2016 election in a campaign speech given October 22, 2016 in Gettysburg, PA. The fact that President Trump knew about the prevalence of voter fraud before the 2016 election adds another layer to the puzzle of why 2020 happened. Be that as it may, voter fraud obviously occurred in the 2016 Election, albeit at a lesser rate. Just because no one talked about the fraud, does not mean it did not occur. President Trump won enough votes on the ground to beat whatever fraud took place. Moreover, former Democrat governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich admitted that corrupt Democrats in big cities have been stealing votes for years, which is probably true and likely will happen every election cycle. Many of these cities are in third world conditions, and it is no surprise that they would have third world-style elections. For these reasons, Trump Republicans MUST commit to helping candidates willing to reform election laws because President Trump is working to do just that.

President Trump is not simply sitting ideally by watching Biden and the radical Marxists destroy America. No, the truth is that President Trump knew the Democrats were going to cheat in 2020 because he knew they cheated in 2016. In retrospect, Hillary Clinton mostly likely did NOT win the popular vote. However, candidate Trump knew that he could not win the popular vote because of urban election corruption. Instead, he won on electors thus prompting the Democrats to suddenly hate the electoral college. The Trump campaign strategy for 2020 involved winning the popular vote and electoral vote in an attempt to overcome the cheating. The strategy worked for him as the number of Trump votes far outweighed the Democrat expectations, and at 10:00pm on November 3, 2020, states suddenly stopped counting ballots. Months later, Trump voters learned that the abrupt halt gave Democrats needed time to create more votes for Biden using phantom voters. The obvious fraud, literally caught on video, caused President Trump to implemented another strategy, repairing the broken election system he referenced in his Gettysburg speech on October 22, 2016. As of today, President Trump is diligently working on the same strategy but needs Trump Republicans to carry out their part which is forcing elected officials to change voting laws at the state level.

Repairing a broken system takes time, and progress is easily clouded by the daily destruction of America from an illegitimate administration. However, President Trump is most certainly making progress with his strategy. What evidence exists to prove he has a strategy and that it is working? 1. The American people will soon see the results of the Arizona audit which will prove discrepancies. 2. Other states will follow with audits, and the exposed fraud will further diminish the capacity for Biden to govern. 3. President Trump is endorsing political candidates that support his America first agenda thereby continuing to drain the swamp of rotten Republicans. 4. President Trump has increased his communication with the American people and is shadowing Biden by steadily calling out his failed policies and incompetencies and by pointing out corruption in the Democrat Party and in some cases the Republican Party. 5. President Trump plans to resume his rallies in 2022 with the goal of taking the House and gaining a slim majority in the Senate. The rallies will be a breath of fresh air and provide hope for a country beaten down by the evils of Marxism.

Now, the major obstacle that stands in the way of President Trump’s success is the very people that support him most. Far too many Trump Republicans believe that voting is completely useless now because of fraud. While their thought process is understandable, it is incumbent upon Trump Republicans to consider the following: 1. Fraud existed in 2016, but Trump still won. 2. Republicans flipped an unprecedented number of House seats when most pundits expected them to lose seats. 3. Republicans flipped back House seats in California allegedly stolen by the Democrats in 2018. 4. Neither the 2016 nor the 2020 election results matched the predictions and polling, which has turned into a dying industry. 5. Losing the Georgia Senate seats is not necessarily a loss due to fraud. The two Republicans had a slim lead before China Mitch decided to send the American people a few hundred dollars and foreign governments millions. 6. Losing is NOT set in stone especially with new voting laws already passed and more to come. 7. Cheating is now more difficult than ever now that President Trump exposed the Fraud.

Despite the 100% proven fraud, big tech censorship, foaming-at-the-mouth media bias against Trump, megacorporations lobbying to change election laws without the consent of the state legislatures, special interests, dark money, censoring stories that made Biden look bad, and promoting fake stories that painted Trump as the devil The Democrats could only create a win with only 43,000 fake votes. Trump Republicans cannot allow the Democrats to win in the final few seconds of the game now by allowing emotions to dictate decisions. No, every Trump Republican must firmly commit to not only vote but to volunteer as poll watchers and work to ensure elections with less fraud. President Trump has not and will not quit. A Trump Republican refusing to vote is in many ways actively undermining President Trump as he works to rebuild the current broken system.

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